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With the help of Soul of Healing and its founders, we are able to develop technology based healthcare solutions that can make a positive impact for the diverse societies we serve.

Before we take another step, let us take a close and careful look at the charts and graphs below that give the real picture of India by international standards, such as the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  We often say in our office, “let’s keep it real”, we advise you to do the same without the comfort of your current employment, social status or aspiring consumerism that is often prevalent in top tier cities, whether in the US, Japan, Congo or India.  As you begin to digest and contemplate this very important information, do not throw your hands up in vain, rather think strategically how you can work with us and other like minded organizations to make a lasting impact in your society.

It is Time to make an Impact in Your country and its people for a Healthier and Prosperous Future.  We count on Each and Every One of You around the Globe.

These graphs and charts may seem daunting but ALL developed countries have gone through these periods in their history.  Yes, even America had gone through similar statistics before they reached developed nation status.  You too can overcome, it will not happen overnight.  Your government policies will change and adapt to the new generation’s philosophies and global outlook.  In the mean time let us keep our noses to the grindstone and keep asking thought provoking questions that will provide a better tomorrow for our children and their children.

Let’s work together to achieve a world that one day that all people have access to affordable healthcare and education.

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