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cancer centers of america the best place for cancer treatment in the world

Soul of Healing – India understands that there is no substitute for better treatment in the world other than Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  Ask anyone in the US, which hospital or institution that provides the best cancer treatment in the country (USA)?  They will respond unanimously with Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  The number one reason why Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the best and most renowned in treating variety of cancers is their holistic approach.

The moment you walk in to a Cancer Treatment Centers of America you are coming home to the most nurturing and loving environment any cancer patient would ever experience.  They will make you feel completely at home, that’s when the treatment starts.  Yes, it starts immediately as you walk through the doors.  If you or your loved one is contemplating treatment, don’t wait visit

Licensed Generic Cancer Medicines from India

Please call us at USA phone # 1-650-557-3577 or India phone # +91 9632 238 052  or Email us at

  1. Jevtana 60mg | Cabazitaxel 60mg
  2. Sprycel 70mg tablet 60 | Dasatinib
  3. Sprycel 50mg tablet 60 | Dasatinib
  4. Pamiglan 500mg Infusion 50ml | Pemetrexed
  5. Zytiga 250mg tablet 120 | Abiraterone Acetate 250mg
  6. Nexavar 200mg tablet 120 |Sorafenib 200mg tablet 60
  7. Abretone 250mg tablet 120
  8. Abirapro 250mg tablet 12o | Abiraterone Acetate 250mg
  9. Herceptin infusion 50ml | Trastuzumab 440mg
  10. Novoseven RT (eptaccog alfa) 2.4mg

Any treatment you require or procedure you are considering for healthcare and treatment purposes please contact one of our centers below:

Soul of Healing Non Govermental Organization (NGO)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

USA Phone : 1-858-952-1077

India Phone : +91 88263 25543

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