About Us

Soul of Healing India Rural Outreach


We are Soul of Healing India a branch of Soul of Healing USA.  In the US we are a non profit 501(c)(3) registered with the US Federal government.  In India we operate as an NGO.  Ultimately our vision stems from Dr. Warren McCray’s enabling populations at home in the US and elsewhere to have access to affordable healthcare and treatment in India.  For Medical Tourism click here.

Our Primary Objectives are to tackle the most complex health related issues affecting US and India.  We will use technology to enable our communities to work, collaborate, discover and innovate solutions in the healthcare space.

Our Strong Belief in technology does not mean it supersedes the human connection that is shared across cultures, customs, mores and values in the rapidly changing landscape.  Our leadership emphasizes the importance to empower social workers, health advocates and field agents as a key component to implement technology based healthcare services.

Our Goals will be focused on healthcare accessibility & affordability for everyone in the US and India.  Audacious it is, but it can be achieved with the right leadership, focus, determination and most importantly persistence.

We ask you to join us and pledge your time and resources in a concerted effort to achieve common objectives and goals that will uplift global populations access to quality healthcare, treatment and health education.

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