Medical Tourism

medical tourism soul of healing

We provide comprehensive services for patients and their loved ones to come to India for treatment and care.  This includes full concierge services from any international airport in India.  Primarily, Bangalore and New Delhi.

Our relationships with Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the US and local hospitals in India like Manipal, Wockhardt, Apollo, Fortis and many others have been decades in the making.

For Cancer Treatment in the USA click here.

For Cancer Treatment or Medicine from India click here.

For Hepatitis C Treatment or Medicine from India click here.

Please note the most important thing we care about is our patient and their treatment and overall health.  As a sister organization of an American Non Profit, we strive to do our best in India as well.  Our Indian NGO partnership is to execute the values, systems, and processes we so much cherish back in America.

Any treatment you require or procedure you are considering for healthcare and treatment purposes please contact one of our centers below:

Soul of HealingIndia Non Governmental Organization (NGO)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

USA Phone : 1-858-952-1077

India Phone : +91 88263 25543